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Interested in doing a Psychology and Neuroscience PhD with us?

We are accepting PhD students through the Cognitive Neuroscience Admitting Program (CNAP) to begin in Fall 2020. The deadline to apply is December 1, and you can click here to find more information.

Most of the CNAP graduate students working in the lab are pursuing their PhD in Psychology and Neuroscience or Philosophy. However, CNAP allows a great deal of flexibility in choosing the department within which you earn your PhD, and we are happy to welcome students with interests in disciplines such as neurobiology, biostatistics, and neurology (among others), as we have established collaborations with PIs in multiple different areas.. 

While you do not need to have any formal training in philosophy to join our lab, you should be willing to engage with philosophical literature (and discussion!) in addition to your area of scientific interests. We do expect that Psychology and Neuroscience graduate students will enter into the program already having some experience with data collection and statistical analysis, though we do not require any prior experience collecting or analyzing neuroimaging data.


Duke is an ideal place to complete graduate training in Psychology and Neuroscience. The Duke Institute for Brain Sciences (DIBS) and Center for Cognitive Neuroscience (CCN) are home both to rising stars and pioneers in the field of human neuroscience. The Brain Imaging and Analysis Center (BIAC), located just minutes from the lab space, is home to two research-dedicated whole-body 3T scanners that staffed and maintained by professional technologists. Researchers in the CCN have access to two 64-channel EEG/ERP machines, state-of-the-art TMS technology, an EyeLink 1000 Eye Tracker, and a plethora of computers and testing rooms for collecting behavioral data. Further, because of the interdisciplinary nature of both CNAP and the CCN, you will make connections with researchers working on a number of different topics, many of whom are excited to collaborate with you on projects that span your shared interests. 

Prospective graduate students should contact Felipe directly to express their interest prior to applying to CNAP. You can find some advice on how to craft such an email here. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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