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Interested in joining as a research assistant or undergraduate?

We recruit research assistants on the basis of specific projects. Right now, we are actively recruiting research assistants for our projects involving forgiveness and causation. 

We are always open to hearing from undergraduates or recent graduates who would like to join the lab as a research assistant. Prospective research assistants should contact Felipe with some information about themselves and what interests them about our work. There are a few different avenues through which research assistants can participate in our work.

Undergraduates can volunteer, earn course credit, or receive work-study compensation for their time in lab. The particular avenue through which you work as a research assistant in the IMC Lab can vary by semester (i.e., you can volunteer for a semester and earn course credit the following semester). We do not require any prior experience to join the lab, but you will need to have some experience before you undertake a project of your own (which we highly encourage undergraduates to do!). You should list any relevant experience you have (e.g., RA experience in other labs, programming skills, related coursework) in your email to Felipe so he can assess the best way for you to get involved. 

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